The Animal Movement LEVEL 1 workshop will teach you how to use the method correctly and to train others safely.

Aimed at all professionals of fitness who want to integrate the Animal Movement into their teaching practices but also to all the lovers of this training method.

Animal Movement LEVEL 1 Instructor Certification:

The Animal Movement LEVEL 1 is a two-day training course lasting 10 hours. The goal is to attain all the skills so the method could be applied safely to customers and ones own personal exercise routine.

What is included?

  • Introduction to motion
  • Imitation and movement of animals
  • Primitive exercises
  • Corrective exercises
  • Connecting exercises and flows
  • Combos

Animal Movement LEVEL 2 Instructor Certification:

Aimed at those who have successfully completed LEVEL 1 and have a goal to excel at workouts at a higher level. Teaching of new techniques, imitations and embedding music for creating a dynamic choreography.

What is included?

  • New techniques
  • Introduction to music
  • Handstand and hand balancing
  • New combos
  • Choreography