what is animal movement

The Animal Movement is a functional training program of multiple difficulty levels that combines primitive movements and imitation of animals in a fun freestyle way, while using one’s body weight.

Roots of the Program:

  • The imitation of animals has deep roots throughout the history of humanity, especially in martial arts. The Shaoliquan – the martial art associated with the Shaolin monastery- while practicing the kung fu, observe behaviors and envision, the survival skills of all wild animals, their speed, their jumps and their readiness. Then they adopt their moves and strengths and apply them in their training. The whole kinesiology has been studied and incorporated in the training of the monks, who are known for their ability to discipline and to fight.
    So while the Animal Movement is new as a training method, the philosophy of imitating animals has existed for hundreds of years in different forms around the world.
  • The Animal Movement is created by the fusion of many types of training with body weight and is designed to improve strength, endurance, dexterity, agility, stabilization and coordination of movement. It is aimed at all fitness levels and all ages, since the course structure is divided into levels with various difficulty.
  • It can also be done everywhere without the use of equipment. It is an integrated training system with developments and prospects, structured to match all forms of exercise. Can be used as a basic exercise or complement another. Ideal for group classes, personal training, boot camp and for children to learn how to exercise in a fun way.

‘Acquire all the skills for a healthy and fit body and change your life’