animal movement kids

  • It is one of the most integrated and safest methods of training for kids. Kids love animals as well as they love to learn about them and imitate them.
  • It is ideal to include exercise in a child’s life, through a fun way of doing animal poses which will also increase their respect for animals. Additionally, it helps them interact with other kids at the same time in a fun way. Through the course, the children learn to use their own abilities in the highest possible way, while building their balance and strength.
  • With nowadays lifestyle, child obesity and diabetes rank high and one of the reasons is the lack of children’s exercise. Children are more drawn to staying at home watching TV and playing video games, instead of playing and running outside. The Animal Movement helps them to exercise their body and brain and interact with one another at the same time. Children need to learn that their body and their mind are the basis for a healthy future.
  • A child who moves is a happy child and has more possibilities growing into a healthy adult.
  • For Fitness professionals interested in teaching the Animal Movement for Kids is mandatory to complete the Animal Movement LEVEL 1 Instructor Certification.