Panos Theodorou is the Founder of Animal Movement in Greece
Master instructor Keiser International
Certified elite personal Trainer

Starting from a young age, I was getting involved with many sports especially with football, being the usual favorite sport of boys. However, I had the interest to try new things since then.

Later on, at the age of 13, I was chosen to attend the athletic school by competing in the sport of shooting. My urge to try new things made me an elite athlete and member of the Greek National Team with high achievements in Greece and abroad with National records. My highlight moment was the participation in the World Cup test event Athens 2004 to qualify for the 2004 Olympics held in Athens.

At the age of 18 I started my studies in fitness and nutrition while also getting educational seminars in functional training, reconstructive exercise for people in need and all the new trends in fitness. I became established as a fitness specialist and later on as a Master Instructor of Keiser International in Indoor cycling. I gave several presentations and I earned the respect and trust of my clients through the spectacular results and accomplishment of their goals.

While gaining extensive experience through the years of working in the fitness field I also realized that the more stimuli an organism gets, the more integrated and functional it became. At that time most usual forms of exercise were focusing on something specific, rather than the movement of the whole body.

Realizing this, I started following trainers in different specialties like dancers, yogis, and experts in martial arts. I also started reading and researching the life of our ancestors discovering that their daily routines were a full functional practice for survival, as opposed to our modern lifestyle which have made us forget the basic motives of movement.

On a random watch of a documentary about the kinesiology, characteristics, instincts and in general philosophy of animals, I focused on the part of how all these have influenced us humans. The athletes study the running style of a cheetah, the Shaolin-monks observed animal behaviors while focusing on the survival skills of the wild animals which is being incorporated in their training for several hundred years.

Suddenly two words came to my mind, “Animal” ( imitation and characteristics) and “Movement”(integrated physical motion). A program like no other that would combine all elements to make it fun, functional and totally efficient.

In 2011 I gradually began developing and materializing this goal. I incorporated exercises with body weight, primal movements and imitations of animals, including other elements.

I began practicing every day, trying out new moves on myself and gave special attention to create a program based only on scientific evidence. After three years of persistent effort and a well-kept secret, the dream became reality.

In February 2014 the first Animal Movement workshop for fitness professionals took place, being followed by various events and soon it became popular and gained many aficionados in several fitness venues.

After 17 years in the field of sports and fitness I can say with absolute certainty that it is a continuous learning journey that never finishes no matter how many years pass by.

The Animal Movement is an ancient method and in no way have I invented it. I am just a fan of mobility and my goal is to share my enthusiasm with others who love this type of training.

The body is a full complex mechanism with unlimited abilities and no one should consider himself a master instructor rather than a committed student of the Animal Movement.

I hope through this page you will find all the information you may need for your own personal natural journey.


Animals don’t exercise, they do what is required to survive.

Birds don’t read a flight manual, they fly.

Fish swim.

A Tiger is a powerful graceful animal simply by being a tiger.


This is what we have lost, and what Animal Movement can restore!